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Common Errors Encountered by Students:

  1. Error 1 - Flash Player Not Installed in your PC or an older version exists.  In this case you need to install latest version of Flash Player to play the videos.
  2. Error 2 – Playing Video at Less Speed Internet Connection Less than 1 Mbps – Video does not open for sometime or take time to upload.  Solution- High Speed Internet Connection is a must.
  3. Error 3 – Playing at Mobile Phones – If the Mobile phones/ Tablets support Adobe Flash Player then the content plays as per Internet Speed otherwise use Computer / Laptop with High speed Internet Connection for best View.

  4. Error 4- Window 8.1 Video Playing Setting for Flash must be enabled – Browser Setting must be checked, by default it is Off in this new version of Windows which needs to be corrected by Hardware Vendor.

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Q1.  Where should the student contact for any query?

Ans1. FAQs about the product: http://www.bhagatsir.com/store/faq

Q2. Is the study material, education content, videos lectures certified?

Ans. Yes, the complete content delivered on bhagatsir.com is developed by expert team at UnivExcellence. Developing faculties have years of education and research experience. After development the content is certified by round of reviews from faculties, experts and SME panel. UnivExcellence is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Content Company.

 Excellent Quality of Content - UnivExcellence stands for Universe of Excellence and therefore we source Industry expert’s topic wise for each class and subject.  You get video lectures and study material in Hindi and English medium. But what matters the most at the end of the day is the quality of the content. One thing we never compromise is the quality of our content. 

Q3. Where to find Demo Samples?

Ans. You can watch Demo Lectures on our Youtube channel  http://www.youtube.com/youruniv  or click Demo Lecture on Top Panel at www.bhagatsir.com.

Q4. How to access the Package purchased? Do you sell CD/ DVD also?  

Ans. Once you create your Login at bhagatsir.com, your personalized account is created and when you purchase any package, it is shown in your My Package. You study online by clicking on Package - Subject - Chapter and Video/ Notes that you want to watch, it is streamed to you online. No, Bhagatsir.com / UnivExcellence products are only available online at their websites, we donot sell any CD/ DVD/ Pendrive or any other offline mode.

Q5. What does number of Views refer to? Why it is limited?

Ans. Number of Views refer to total number of times you can open/ watch that particular Video / Notes. Eg: A Chapter has total 100 videos, then if number of views =3, then total you get 100*3 =300 times you can open the video clips. That means as per your need you can watch any video any number of times till total limit is exhausted. But this number of views is never exhausted for real studying user. Once you open a video you can forward it and reverse it and view as many times you want, only when you close the Red button of the window the view is closed or if the connection of your internet gets closed.

This limitation is created to stop any wastage and ensure Student is sincere while opening the video lectures and opens only when he is studying. Also in our Video Lectures you only need to watch once as you will learn everything as you watch, write explanations in your copy. Every-time you open a video / notes server bandwidth is used and cost is incurred to the company. Also Chapter Notes must be read by student and written in his notebook for remembering and learning for future.

For Chapter Notes our objective is you read and write the notes in your copy so you learn by utilizing your Temporal Portion of Brain and hence learn in one go. Just scanning or reading does not result in long term remembrance. 

 Still if you face any problem call us.

Q6. Why should we choose your products? Why buy from Avdhan?

Ans.  Avdhan (Avdhan Mind Power Pvt. Ltd.) is an organisation working for Scientific Learning in Education and is the only company providing content based on Avdhan Learning Science of Learning, Remembering, and recalling (LRR)

  1. Bhagatsir.com is the 1st education portal to launch E Learning content in Hindi Medium in the world. English Medium content also available.
  1. 1st education portal to develop & provide Scientific Learning - Ancient Avdhan Science Based CBSE, NCERT, State Boards Complete Class 6 - 12 Courses Rajasthan Board, Haryana Board, Punjab Board, Jharkhand Board, Uttarakhand Board, Delhi Board & others. 
  1. Students from more than 40 countries are accessing the E Learning content. Feedbacks & Testimonials can be found at our Corporate Website: http://www.univexcellence.com/home/testimonials.html
  1. Our Quality Management System is certified to comply with the standards of ISO 9001:2008. All Academic Content is Approved and Certified.
  1. Content certified, developed & approved by experts across the world from IIT, IIMs, ISB and other institutions of international repute.
  1. Bhagatsir.com provides E Learning Content in English and Hindi Medium; other regional languages can be developed as per demand.
  1. E Learning content can be accessed through internet on mobiles, tablets, laptops and computers, making education available to student anywhere anytime.
  1. Supported by International organisations as Cherie Blair Foundation (UK), Vital Voices of Asia (USA), Goldman Sach 10,000 Program, ISB Hyderabad, NEN etc.
  1. Bhagatsir reaches customers across the world with corporate tie ups with international organisations as Airtel, Flipkart, Snapdeal, GroupOn etc. with our Brand Name - Avdhan.
  1. Cost Effective packages starting from only Rs 50/-, buy course of subject and classes you want. Teacher at Home Series gives half book courses, Made It Easy series provide you chapter wise packages.
  1. Easy Payment Options - Pay Online, DD, Cheque, Airtel Money from any mobile recharge shop, Money Order, Postal Order.
  1. Availability of content 365 days 24 X 7 – You can watch, learn through internet anytime, anywhere.

Q7.  What are the unique features of Avdhan products?

Ans.   Bhagatsir.com   New Features

  • Choose Your Own Class
  • See All Products of your Class
  • Get Content for Both English and Hindi Medium
  • Use Search to Find your Chapter / Subject
  • Watch Demo Lecture Study Material for FREE/-
  • Buy Mini Pack starting Rs50/- for 1-2 chapters and experience the quality of content.
  • Buy what you want
    • Video  Lecture
    • Chapter Notes
    • Chapter Q A
  • Easier Multiple Payment Options
  • Buy Smart Study Card – Redeem Card from nearest book shop.
  •  Multiple Device Access Laptop, Computer, Tablet, Mobile. – You can access the content via your login id and password on any of your device. Content access is not device dependent.

Q8. What is special in your Video Lectures?

Ans.  All in One - Videos with 12 products – Saves energy, time and efforts and money.  Everything at one place, you need not waste time searching and then deciding what to study first and what later. It is scientifically designed to suit your learning requirements.  Within 30 min you get everything needed to understand the topic. Video lectures cover 12 products based on scientific principles as concepts, learning tools, examples, experiments, extra questions which covers everything of the topic  saving your  energy, time and efforts to explore various products. After watching video lectures you can refer to study material for revision purpose.

Extensive Course Coverage on scientific learning basis- Video, Notes, Learning Capsules, Revision Notes etc.   With Our video lectures, study material you can learn what you HAVE NEVER LEARNED Before !!!! Complete theory, concepts, live experiments and Avdhan science to learn and remember cover all aspects of your subject.  Getting crystal clarity on each topic makes the student highly competitive. Tip and Tricks to solve tricky question at the advanced level gives deeper insight application knowledge of each concept.

Q9.  Avdhan products and their price?

Ans.    Affordable Price - We work for Equality in Quality Education and make video lecture and study material available at optimum cost. You get maximum value in minimum payment.  No other website in E learning domain is giving complete Hours of Lecture Real Teacher Teaching Expert Faculty Lectures with complete syllabus each and every-topic coverage ranging between 20-200 hours each subject depending upon class. Quality content that bhagatsir.com is providing is scientific & also we are an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Content so content itself is Certified Internationally. So Quality always comes with a little price which goes in its development.  Other websites may be giving stuff at Rs XYZ price or less but what matters is complete coverage and quality of content and number of products. 

Q10. How is quality of content developed and ensured at Avdhan products?

Ans. The complete Course content design is quality proof, first the lesson plan is structured and approve by SME Subject matter expert panel of UnivExcellence which comprises of renowned academicians, experts from CBSE, State Boards, NCERT, International writers and other industry experts.  Then the Content is developed/ Lecture is delivered according to approved scripts with inclusion of Avdhan Learning Science, question answers, NCERT concepts, experiments, object demos and many other relevant details. This is again checked at 3-4-5 level of approvals before going for technical processing to ensure 100% quality material. Also even after 5 levels of checking if any human mistake is found/ if any error is located later on, the complete product is taken back and redeveloped.

Q11. Chapter Notes donot run on my mobile smart phone?

Ans.  All Chapter Notes and Quick Learning Capsules will run only on Desktop, Computers and Laptops. They will open in Browser Window where you can read them and make notes in your copy for better learning. They cannot be copied or downloaded or saved. 

Q12. Can I study on my mobile with Video Lectures?

Ans. Yes, Video Lectures and Avdhan Lectures can run on mobiles, tablets, laptops, computer etc. You must have updated Flash Plug In and Mp4 compatible browser in your mobile phone.

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