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Avdhan Learning Science

Avdhan Mind Power Pvt. Ltd. Is an organisation working to revive ancient age old learning methodologies which our ancestors have used since Vedic Era to learn, remember and recall our knowledge. In past we have many scholars as Chaturvedi, Trivedi, Diwedi who were known for their remembrance of Vedas (Scriptures). This learning science was long lost to mankind and is now being revived by UnivExcellence – Avdhan Mind Power Pvt. Ltd. and is copyright science of UnivExcellence. In recent time also we have some great scholars of Avdhan Science those who can learn and recall information in seconds in one go and solve complex mathematical problems verbally like Swami Vivekanand, our first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad etc.

Avdhan Videos are based on scientific research based Ancient Learning Remembering Science called Avdhan. Avdhan is ancient science of learning, remembering, recalling (LRR) based on human brain functioning for learning, remembering and recalling using which subject can be understood and retained in one go. Various patterns, colors, images and themes are used in the video for learning purpose as per your brain cell functioning. This learning method activates your Right and Left brain simultaneously resulting in long term memory.

Avdhan Learning Videos Consists of Quick Learning Video Lecture of 5-15 minutes for each chapter covering all the concepts taught in the chapter in form of Avdhan Graph. This video explains the complete chapter quickly with various learning patterns to make you learn, remember the concepts taught in chapter easily. This is Copyright Science of Avdhan Mind Power Pvt .Ltd.

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